Exclusive opportunity for Jay Abraham’s listeners:

Attention Founders and CEOs: If you want access to greater ease, productivity and fulfillment (and you’re the kind of owner who gets a gut feel when a golden opportunity is staring right at you… ) If you’re curious about what might be holding you back, then you must act on this limited offer immediately… even if you’re battle-hardened and discontent –

Hyper-Effective “Insider”
Pro-Level Mental Fitness System to

Greater Control, Better Performance

And Sustained Results

Guided by a Sage Executive Whole-Life Coach

– A True Visionary with Leadership Savvy –

Who Will Train You To FREE Yourself from

Those Sneaky, Lurking Saboteurs and

Finally Operate From Your Full Potential

Based on Science, Vetted by Experience


Right now, only a handful of select Entrepreneurs, Founders, and CEOs will gain access to this Pro-Level Mental Fitness Coaching System. This 6-week training will immediately change how you approach business, see yourself in relation to others… and throw open the windows, doors, gateways, avenues – all of it, nothing held back – to exactly what you truly want for yourself in your professional and personal life.


(If you are skeptical, good. Keep that discerning mindset front n’ center for now, but do not discount what you’ve just read simply as blustering BS. Bring your whole self to this page. Focus. And see it. Right now, life demands no less of you.)


What’s this about? What is the Pro-Level Mental Fitness Coaching System? And more importantly, who is this sage executive whole-life coach, the true visionary with leadership savvy, who can help you get what you want most in business and in life???


Let’s start with the Mental Fitness Training.


What’s so valuable about

this Mental Fitness Training, and

will it make a difference for you?


You may not realize it yet, but you have at your fingertips what every innately curious, enterprising CEO wants: the pathway to sustained peak performance, happiness and fulfillment. If you sense that you have far more potential inside yourself but are sabotaging your own success with fear, frustration, restlessness, and other hidden foes – You are not alone. In fact, most of us downright limit our own capabilities simply by what we don’t know.


If you’ve ever wanted to “crack the code” on the inner secrets that keep the best of the best in their peak flow year after year… and do it effortlessly, to realize abundant performance, happiness, and fulfillment, almost immediately, then this may be the most exciting opportunity you’ve come across in a lifetime.


Here’s the research: New synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and performance science – thoroughly vetted by experience – reveals there are just 3 basic truths behind sustained success in life –


1) keeping your bad side in lockdown

2) accessing your inner strengths to release peak flow, and

3) knowing which outcomes to go after, based on your own personal priorities.


Better Humans Make Better Leaders


Some have muscled their way to the top. You’ve worked with them – tightfisted, hard-assed, restless, judgmental…. You know the type. They may even be "successful", but likely do not feel happy or fulfilled and haven't reach their full potential. What a shame.


Others duck n’ cover, blaming external circumstances for their troubles – complaining about underperforming hires, antagonistic relationships, and golden opportunities stolen right out from under their noses.


Still, others pour money and time into endless workshop after workshop for that immediate high and temporary performance boost. They never come close to their full potential and typically fall back to the same old patterns and habits a few years, months, even weeks later. It just doesn’t last.

Latest Research: Initial positive results of coaching and training mostly evaporate. Even with initial learning comprehension at 85%, on average in two months’ time retention has dropped to 37%; after 5 months, retention nears zero.




David Beale InsideOut graph.jpeg

Well, guess what? Those other methods fall short, have always and will always fall short simply because they do not get at the underlying causes for “less than stellar outcomes” in business and in life. All kinds of great content gets put out there, amazing skills like the 18 Competencies of EQ, the 9 Steps to Managing Conflict, the 7 Habits, the 5 Pillars... all good and important to know. But without Mental Fitness Training, they don’t last. And, as you’ve probably noticed, some of them have incompatible frameworks. They don’t play well together.


Mental Fitness for Lasting Positive Change


There’s something all those modalities have missed. They don’t address the root causes that block lasting success, happiness and fulfillment. Despite appearances, the ability to reach your full potential – while enjoying happiness and fulfillment – remains elusive.


It’s scientifically proven. When you finally immobilize your Saboteurs’ mighty grip on you, unlock your own inner untapped resources, and begin to think and act from the wisdom of your Inner Sage,


You Can Dissolve Those

Negative Emotions and Bad Habits

Limiting Your Innate Capacity

And Finally Operate From

Unhindered, Abundant Sage Power!


Best of all…


It’s SIMPLE (but not easy)

Once You Know

The Pro-Level PQ System



This amazing “win smart/win happy” Pro-Level PQ Mental Operating System practically guarantees you will be in control and operating from your inner Sage (even if your habits of self-sabotage are hiding in plain sight).


  • These Pro-Level PQ Secrets are a new synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science.

  • This synthesis is the foundation for Shirzad Chamine’s New York Times bestselling book "Positive Intelligence", Stanford and Yale lectures, and PQ training program.

  • In case you’re wondering, although Shirzad has a BA in psychology (and an MBA from Stanford) – what he offers is not therapy. At the end of the day, it’s all about improving your performance, happiness, and fulfillment in business and in life.

Full Disclosure: You can get access to Shirzad’s e-course on your own. Just Click Here for this

6-week in-app training. Be prepared to shell out $1000 bucks. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, athletes, and other A-players have already done that. You’ll get a lot out of it.


What he won’t give you, and can’t give you, is David Beale. The real David Beale.


Who Is David Beale?


Unless you’ve listened to Jay’s podcast, you’ve probably never heard of David Beale. David is the Founder and/or CEO of seven companies, not to mention the one he built from start-up to over $600 M of revenue per annum.


On top of achieving and sustaining mega-successes, David has been a sought-after “secret-weapon” in coaching forum members for over 23 years now. C-level execs seek him out for professional and personal coaching. Yes, even some of the most successful CEOs, as well as up-and-coming Founders who are beginning to make their mark in the business world.


Note: David coaches Founders, CEOs, and their direct reports because that is where he has spent so much of his time – as a business owner, mentor, and coach.


These CEOs come to him despite the fact that, before today, he has NEVER advertised his coaching. Until now, the only entrée into David’s world has been through word-of-mouth and personal connections. One savvy CEO whispering to another.


Why do the best business owners seek David out? It’s simple. He’s the ONLY Founder and CEO who draws from his own real down-in-the-trenches business experience, plus 23 years engaging in YPO (Young Presidents Organization) Forums, and merges it with heavily researched, proven behavioral science… to create the first hyper-effective Inside-Out Executive Whole-Life Coaching™ to help others like him achieve peak success in business and in life.


We’re talking about long-term, repeatable, sustained peak success – married with true happiness and fulfillment.


Yeah, that’s a mouthful. Here’s what it means:


  • You will discover how to train yourself to consistently and sustainably operate at your highest level of potential, enjoying greater happiness and fulfillment.

  • The Positive Intelligence / PQ framework is a fundamental tool in David’s toolbox. A key aspect of this Executive Whole-Life Coaching experience, he will support you to unleash your inner Sage and master your nasty Saboteurs – the root causes of falling short.

  • With David’s insight and breadth of experience, you will uncover new possibilities and untapped resources at hand – to develop your best “Doing Plan” based on your own personal priorities.


Look, he won’t tell you himself, but David is a highly sought-after executive business coach. He remains a mystery man to most business leaders outside of YPO. The reason: David has never advertised his coaching, preferring to keep his time and expertise close to the breast.


And now, with Jay’s insistence, David has agreed to give you exclusive access to part of his Inside-Out Executive Whole-Life Coaching™ in a pilot program called Inside-Out Pro-Level PQ Training™. Why? Because with the unprecedented challenges we are all up against today, he believes it’s urgent to share what he knows with select, like-minded business leaders who have the innate curiosity to learn, grow and run with the possibilities at hand.


And don’t be intimidated by the fact that these are “Inside-Out” strategies. The bottom line is, you can learn and apply this PQ Mental Fitness Training for lasting, positive change almost immediately…


  • No matter how shockingly low your PQ score is

  • No matter how deeply entrenched your Saboteurs are

  • No matter how logical-linear, left brained you may be

  • No matter what EXTERNAL terrain you’re tackling

  • And no matter what internal challenges are tripping you up right now.


Here’s a taste of what you are about to learn:


How to…


  • Minimize negative emotions that set obstacles in concrete, suck out your energy and blind you to avenues of opportunity right in front of your nose

    • Bring out your natural leadership abilities, unhindered by your hidden Saboteurs

  • Practice PQ Reps:

    • Powerful and simple 10-second techniques for quieting your Survivor Brain and activating your Inner Sage in the middle of handling challenges – the key to developing command over your own mind

  • Improve the performance in yourself, your business, and your team

    • First, you work on yourself, and then you see how to apply the same principles in your relationships

  • Improve how your team interacts

    • When you share the fundamental principles of positive intelligence, your team dynamics will shift

  • See new opportunities and clarify your objectives

    • As you spend more and more of your time in Sage mode, you will learn to take focused, fierce action toward the outcomes that are most important to you.


You already possess the inherent wisdom and ability inside yourself to perform better, be happier, and lean toward fulfillment. It’s just a matter of recognizing and tamping down the bad habits that are getting in your way and make what CAN really help you get stronger. Inside every person is the Sage – the right side of the brain, the creative, innovative, open side, the side that empathizes and enjoys happiness and fulfillment.


Strengthen Your Self-Command Muscle


The KEY to success is to learn to quiet your Saboteurs and boost your self-command muscle in the Sage region of your brain. Your Sage generates positive emotions while you handle life’s challenges. Your greatest happiness and performance comes through your Sage. It’s in you already. Now you get to train to be “in the zone” ALL of the time.


  • It’s like going to the gym for your mind. PQ Reps are where it’s at. Learn it, repeat it, do it, live it. This changes everything. And there’s science behind it all.


It’s astonishingly easy… the secrets are simple to “get” (but not so easy to master on your own) … and, best of all… exclusive to Jay’s listeners:


You Can Explore This Entire

Inside-Out Pro-Level PQ Training™

For Yourself In This Pilot Launch

If You Choose!


Due to Jay Abraham’s legendary persuasive influence, with the unexpected release of this Inside-Out Pro-Level PQ Training™, you can blast past those mental habits holding you back. You will train yourself to live from your inner Sage – unlocking your innate productivity, happiness, and fulfillment almost immediately!


Here’s the deal:


In collaboration with Shirzad Chamine, developer of the foundational PQ approach, David is offering a select few of Jay’s listeners a seat in Shirzad’s

6-week in-app PQ Mental Fitness Training, absolutely FREE





PLUS: You will receive 6 hours of David’s time in a 5-person learning pod we’re calling Inside-Out Pro-Level PQ Training™. Which means that as you work through the in-app PQ Program, you’ll receive 6 hours, one hour per week with David and 4 other hand-picked business owners like you. That’s all the benefits and support of David’s coaching in a 5-person pod.


ONE HOUR a week during the 6 weeks of PQ training, David will work with your pod to supercharge and fortify the teachings, empowering you to immediately apply these PQ strategies to your life – professionally and personally.


PLUS you’ll learn from each other. You’ll get out of your own head, away from your own stuck places and murky grasp on opportunities at hand – and clearly see what to do, and how to do it, WITHOUT those rusty ball ‘n chain Saboteurs creating havoc with your personal and professional relationships:






However, (thanks to Jay) YOU will NOT be paying anything close to $5,000. You’ll get the in-app PQ Mental Fitness Training that others pay $1,000 to access. Your Big Advantage: You’ll get David’s coaching. BTW, he charges $30,000 per year for his base level Inside-Out Executive Whole-Life Coaching™.


If you are among those chosen for this pilot launch, you will get all the above for far less, a fraction of the cost.


Because of David’s many years working with Jay, and the ripeness of this



A TOTAL OF $500.




That’s it.


$500 bucks.


(We will ask you to fill out an evaluation at the end, to help with future launches of this program.)


So, let’s recap what you’re getting. With this Pilot Project Launch, you get access to Shirzad’s $1000 PQ Program, plus 6 hours of David’s Coaching time via the 5-person pod, for a total value of $5,000.


All for $500 bucks. 


(Now that you’ve heard of him, if you seek David out directly, the only option you will have is the one-year program of Executive Whole-Life Coaching for $30,000. That’s $7,500 paid quarterly. A full bespoke engagement. Reasonably priced but not cheap. Tremendous value. The only other way to get to work with David.)


Guarantee: To cover all the bases and to free any possible remaining skeptic in you, we’ve added this guarantee. If, after passing the vetting process via the application, in the highly unlikely event that during the first week of training you decide this is not for you, simply ask for your $500 back. No questions asked.




Plus, if you are one of the first 25 accepted into the training, you will get an additional 60-minute private session at the end of your 6-week program. It’s totally confidential and one-to-one. Since by that time David will know you pretty well, this private session will be extremely productive and completely focused on you.


Don't get left out.

Here’s What David’s Clients Are Saying:

“A knack for marshaling the group’s strengths and the members’ skills through rough patches”

For more than 25 years in my YPO Forum, David has been an inspiring and authentic guide through all of my life transitions. His vast wisdom and practical experience is invaluable as I navigate many business and personal challenges.


Using a calm and thoughtful demeanor, along with his keen insight and empathy skills, David has been able to help me explore and resolve many critical issues.


He has a unique and uncanny ability to synthesize ideas and analyze problems in a non-judgmental, yet critical manner.


As our forum has evolved over the years and faced its own challenges, David has been a steady force and a strong leader, stepping up when needed, without letting ego get in the way. He has had a knack for marshaling the group’s strengths and the members’ skills to guide the group through rough patches.


I have been incredibly fortunate to have David as a good friend and forum member for over two decades.


Don F.

President & CEO

Wyomissing, PA




“An uncanny ability to cut through the clouds to help me see the real issues that confront me, both personally and professionally”


My friend David Beale has been an important advisor and mentor to me for over 20 years.  In our work together, I have found that David has an uncanny ability to cut through the clouds to help me see the real issues that confront me, both personally and professionally. 


This is a rare gift. 


Furthermore, he has a personal approach that makes hard truths much easier to digest.  On the implementation side, he has been able to coach me through these issues in a way that has allowed me to own the process myself — even so, without his guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to get there without him.  I highly recommend David.


David C.

Founder & CEO

New York, NY

How Can We Help You?

If running your business can be mentally, emotionally, even physically draining at times, then you really do need this.


Well…here, finally, are the Pro-Level PQ Secrets that will instantly help you harness your energy, keep you fully-juiced and strong day after day… while you apply your new skills and insights to lead your teams and get more out of your relationships.  World-class entrepreneurs have paid handsome fees to learn this exact information. This is the KEY to peak performance in business and in life.


You Must Act Quickly


Hey, we get it. There’s lots of reasons to procrastinate. (We’ll help you with THAT Saboteur later…) But never a good reason to wait. Taking focused action to reach your full potential should never be put on hold.


You must apply right away, however. This is the FIRST TIME in the history of coaching that David has shared the combined insights of a lifetime of leadership with the powerful PQ Mental Fitness Training. This may be the ONLY time this package gets offered at this price. So don’t delay. Apply today, while it’s on your mind.


Straightforward Guarantee:


Remember – you don’t risk anything. Confidentiality, trust, and privacy are the cornerstones of David’s coaching. And, just in case, if after the first week you want out, you can ask for your $500 back.


And truthfully, you can go back to your same old way of doing things, unconsciously sabotaging yourself, holding yourself back with habits that masquerade as seemingly positive qualities – Hyper-Achievement, Hyper-Vigilance, The Judge, and 7 more hidden Saboteurs that evidence-based research has identified.


But we think you’ll prefer to live from your Inner Sage. In fact, we think you’re going to flip over what you discover about yourself. This has the potential to change your life overnight.


You’ve spent a fortune on business growth workshops, leadership training, and who knows what else in the name of self-improvement and a permanent fix. Not to mention, that ineffable school of hard knocks. How well did the new habits and processes stick? David is dedicating his life to changing all that. This is the highway to sustained peak performance, happiness, and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.


And if by chance you are standing, petrified with your toes hanging on the edge of the economic cliff staring into the abyss… there IS a pathway. A solid road you will unquestionably see and travel on with confidence if you dare to take this one step…


Apply now. Don’t get left out. You’ll be opening the

door to greater prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment –


Listeners in Jay’s orbit can apply for this 5-person INSIDE-OUT PRO-LEVEL PQ TRAINING™, for a pilot launch price of…

(True monetary value)   $5000

Selected participants pay ONLY $500

(Be sure to thank Jay)