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Mental Fitness Training

This new synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and performance science has been thoroughly vetted by research and real life experiences -- with over 500,000 business leaders and elite athletes (including hundreds of CEO’s in YPO).

This mental fitness operating system takes you right to the root cause of what is blocking or limiting peak performance and wellbeing. You'll discover the 10 Saboteurs that get in your way.

And we'll show you how to develop the mental muscle to shift into your 5 Sage Leadership powers that create the foundation for sustainable improvement in outcomes, performance and relationships.


©️2020 Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence, Inc

One Problem We Solve


Research shows initial positive results of coaching and training mostly evaporate. Even with initial learning comprehension at 85%, on average in two months’ time retention has dropped to 37%; after 5 months, retention nears zero.

Willpower is a depleting resource -- no matter how strong your resolve is.

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Making it stick


We’ll show you how to turn insight into sustainable action that adds energy to you and your teams.

This work takes Curiosity And frankly, courage;

» It lays the groundwork for developing a mentally fit culture where people let go of anxiety, fear, hesitancy and distraction that eat away at morale and severely limit productivity and innovation.

» It clears the way for taking calm, clear-headed, fiercely focused action...

For you. Your teams. And your enterprise. On your own terms

As the leader of your organization, it all begins with you.

For Individuals - Six-Week InsideOut Mental Fitness Training Program


In collaboration with Shirzard Chamin and the team at Positive Intelligence, you are enrolled in the flagship app-guided program, Positive Intelligence.


This special InsideOut version of the training includes:

  • Weekly one-hour video sessions.

  • Weekly one-hour Live group Q&A Zoom sessions with David and Shirzard

  • Daily Mental Fitness training recordings with exercises & reminders. (4 days per week)

  • Seven facilitated group accountability-sessions with David Beale.

  • Audio and PDF versions of NYT bestselling book Positive Intelligence

  • Advanced Mental Fitness application modules focused on high impact topics like Stress Management and Conflict Management.



For Executive Teams - High Performing Teams Training

  • Executive team kick-off session.

  • Foundational Seven-Week InsideOut Mental Fitness Program. Same as individual program above with an additional week on team dynamics.

  • Four Pillars of High Performing Teams modules:

    • Triple-Purpose

    • Earned Trust

    • Mutual Accountability

    • Healthy Conflict

  • Making It Stick – Four Pillar Application sessions with David Beale

  • Additional High Performing Team skill modules.



Enterprise – Workshops on Mentally Fit Cultures


Scalable In-App Training across the organization. Customized applications that can include all employees and their families.

What leaders are saying about Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness

“The Positive Intelligence model is a brilliant

breakthrough as it defines, measures, and improves

your awareness of your own performance and

happiness. It also helps solve the mystery of why so

many smart people still fail to be successful.”


—  Jim Lanzone,

Chief Digital Officer, CBS

Two Ways to Get Started

Discover Your

Get Access to the FREE

Mental Fitness Assessment Discover Your Top Saboteur



Contact David to explore Mental Fitness applications in more detail.

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